God’s Will

You Are a Church Member

7 Habits of Strong Christians

Bible Not To You

Profitable Bible Study

This is the Will of God

Complete in Christ

Pressing On in 2021

Every Wind of Doctrine

Be Ye Followers of Paul

Paul: Our Pattern, Part 2

Paul: Our Pattern

Voting Under Grace

Seminar 2020: 08 – You Are an Ambassador of Grace

Seminar 2020: 07 – You Are a Member of His Body

Seminar 2020: 06 – You Are a Son of God

Seminar 2020: 05 – You Are Spiritual

Seminar 2020: 04 – You Are Free

Seminar 2020: 03 – You Are a Saint

Seminar 2020: 02 – You Are in Christ

Seminar 2020: 01 – Identifying Who You Are

Young and Necessary

Young and Zealous

Young and Courageous

Choosing a Life of Ministry

Saved and Serving

Thinking Dispensationally About the News

Christian Thinking About the News

What is More Important Than Your Life

Having Hope


Chart Lesson: Catch You Up

5 Things Every Christian Should Know

Ephesians 5:15-21

Your Holy Calling

Pressing On 2017

Obeying Christ’s Commission

1 Timothy 2:3-4

God’s Voice or Satan’s Voice

Seminar 2015: 04 – Start Working

You Are Not Alone

God’s Priority and Intervention

Benefits of the Believer

Genesis 40-41

10am Q & A Session (July 5, 2015)

Philippians 3:14-15

Will God Heal Me?

Genesis 24 – The Marriage of Isaac

Recognize God’s Voice

Why Pray

How God Speaks

Life After Death

Stop Waiting on the Lord

Putting Grace to Work

How to Make Tents: Our Earthly Vocation

The Career Path of an Ambassador

Why God Created All Things

Redeeming the Culture vs. Redeeming the Time

Seminar 2013: 04 – God’s Will is Not Your Will

Stop Searching for God’s Will

Thank God

God’s Plan for Whom?

God Called You

Taking the Mystery out of Understanding God’s Will

God’s Calling and Your Vocation

God’s Plan For You

I Know God’s Will for Your Life

God’s Will for Your Life

Giving Thanks is the Will of God

The Mystery of His Will

God’s Calling For You