Email Tips: We All Need Daily Bible Reading

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 21st, 2012 .

There is no substitute for the Bible.

People who are seeking comfort, encouragement, or motivation do not find it in systematic theologies.

People who are seeking sound doctrinal explanation do not find it in daily devotionals or counseling sessions.

Daily reading in the Bible will guard you from becoming the cold hearted thinker void of compassion and usefulness. It will also protect you from being ignorant of doctrine while performing the ministry.

The Bible contains both doctrine and motivation, what some call teaching and preaching. It contains everything the believer needs to be an educated minister. There are too many ministers ignorant of Bible doctrine, and too many educators lacking motivation to do real ministry work.

Both find what they need in the same book.

For His Glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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