Email Tips: Explain Yourself

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 .

Too often Biblical disputes continue because two sides talk past other.

Both sides think they are hitting the nail on the head with their arguments, but may be speaking about a tertiary issue or one that does not even matter!

One group defends water baptism by immersion, and another defends it by sprinkling, and neither ask why they baptize in water in the first place?

Some ardent defenders of water baptism, Israel, tithing, or tongue talking will present Biblical arguments that support all of these things complete with verses. However, it is never asked why Paul was given a mystery revelation of Christ.

As two people debate whether works are required for salvation or not, it is easy to ignore the topic of “what is salvation”, and “what is the gospel”.

Be careful of speaking around someone by addressing their pet doctrine and not addressing the most important doctrine for them. Someone who is ignorant will not know what they need to know.

Change the topic to salvation. If someone is saved, change the topic to Paul’s apostleship. Until we can speak from a common ground about these two basic doctrines, the conversation will end up where it started.

Explain why you believe different, not just that you believe different.

For His Glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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