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A Lesson from History About Starting New Churches

Are You Prepared to Graduate?

The Joy of Gardening

Romans 1-8: The Power of God to Save

When God Did Not Predestinate Calvin’s Election

Resolving Eternal Security with Right Division

Signs of the Times (Eclipse Edition)

What is Easter About?

The Spirit’s Witness

Be Spiritual

12 False Gods Worshipped in Churches

Trouble with Personal Application

The Secret to Remembering Scripture

God is Not in a Building

What the Gospel is Not

The Form of Doctrine

Favorite Sermons of 2023

How Shall We Live?

Preaching to Those That Already Know

Help with Healing

Early Dispensationalists and Mid-Acts

Remember, You Don’t Belong Here

Conflict in Israel and God’s Blessing

Coming Together in Unity

Measures of Successful Ministry

What You Don’t Teach Matters

Students vs. Stewards

God So Loved

The Church is Not a Building

Resolving Apathy

Leave Christian Legends Alone

Announcing the 2023 Ambassadors Seminar

Which King James Bible Do You Recommend?

Traveling Meetings: What We Forgot

Know Why You Are Christian

Christian Fighting Words

Everything You’ve Always Wanted in a Church Near You!

Where Do I Start?

The Golden Rule of Bible Use

Announcing Summer Traveling Meetings!

Rejoice in the Lord

Practice Communion

The Doctrinal Police

Spring 2023 Traveling Meeting Report

Those Who Have Never Heard

In Person Church Ministry

Draw Charts

Dispensationalists Use Charts

Happy Resurrection Day!

God and Tornadoes

Powerful Preaching

The Most Popular Archaic Word

Let the Bible Teach

Special Announcement: Grace Ambassadors on the Road!

Bible Understanding for Nitwits

Mid-Acts Audio Commentary on Paul’s Epistles

2 Timothy: Paul’s Faithful Words

The Goal of Bible Study

Read About Paul’s Fellows

Thank You for Your Comments

The Biggest Objections to M.A.D.

Our Pattern for Ministry, Too

New Year of Life in Christ

To Attend, or To Not Attend

Avoid the Immaculate Confusion

I Make Mistakes, Jesus Does Not

Words Not in the Bible

Game Shows and Bible Zeal

God’s Words Given To Us

Do You Get Enough

How God Speaks

The Will of God Performed

Pray Before You Study the Bible

God’s Reason for You to Read This Email

Doors Open Next Weekend in Kokomo

Separate Israel and the Church… Consistently

Questions About God’s Calling

Interventions that Changed History Forever

God’s Perfect Plan for Your Life

Calvinism vs. Arminianism

This is Not Medical Advice

Unclear Gospel Verses

Seminar: What is God Doing Today

Inspiration vs. Interpretation

Grace: God Has No Obligation

The Difficulty of Parables

Ambassadors Seminar 2022

God Repeats Himself

The #1 Way to Prevent Abortion

Jesus Did Not Become a Sinner

Surrounded By Bigots

Important Verses

Prove All Things

The Power of Observation

What Would You Die For?

The Bible Not the Word of God?

You First

An Embarrassing Verse in Mark

Easter Considerations

The Bible is Right About Everything

Fact Checking and Disinformation

Avoid Getting Triggered

What is Jesus Doing

Grace Ambassadorship to Ukraine and Russia

The Israel Question

Bible Search Software

The Faith of Who?

You Already Have What You Need

Reframe the Conversation

Welcome Questions

Read the Text

Another Day of Opportunity

The Christian War on Christmas

Don’t Esteem Days

Keep Good Tradition

Bible Study Workshops

Why Men Don’t See

The Secret to the Christian Walk

Learning to Walk

Walking by Grace through Faith

Walk Not as the Other Gentiles

Three Weeks Left!

Seeing Miracles

Some Things Change

How Do You Walk?

Thank You for Your Comments

Know the Covenants

Right Division is Not the Real Work

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Christians Behaving Badly

Ambassadors Seminar 2021

Know Where You Lack

Respect Time

Never Read a Single Verse

Read Books with Archaic Words

You Only Live Once

Grace Does Not Mean Nice

Hundreds of Bible Study Tips

Proof Adam Existed

Which is it?

Three Parts of Bible Study

Similar Things Can Be Different

Beware of Deception

Learning from Prophecy

The Complete Will of God

Don’t Pay for Wrong Doctrine

Leave Contradictions Alone

Have Ears to Hear

Don’t Call Wrong Right

Sharing the Rewards

Avoid Reactive Doctrine

Use Proper Terminology

Know What Mid-Acts Means

Mid-Acts Dispensational Courses

Be Faithful

Change Your Vocabulary

Learn Through Song

Grace Ambassadors on Smart Devices

Be a Good Student

Make a Timeline

Are You Hosting Home Meetings?

Use It or Lose It

Who’s Your Leader

Every 4 Years

Crisis Resolved! (Seminar report)

Growing Up Into Him

Grace Ambassadors Live!

You Can See Clearly Now

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Respect the Differences

J.I. Packer and Paul

Bad Advice

Identifying Christian Workmen

2020 Ambassadors Seminar

The Dusty Corners of the Bible

A Saint Misses the Rapture

Proof the Bible is of God

Can Jesus Save You?

Study Bible Themes

Check the Source

Preachers to Kings

A World Without Fathers

The Bible is Not News

Cessationist Churches and the Spirit

Fire Update: We’re Back!

Scripture on Your Mind

Reasons to Rejoice

Fire Update: Thank you

“Your building is on fire!”

Cancellations and God’s Grace

Bible Sales Banned in Midwestern County

Governor Communicates Grace Truth

Ministry in the Dark

Dispensationalism in Texas

Coming to a City Near You!

Announcing Special Traveling Meetings

Don’t Pull a Muscle Studying the Bible

How’s Your Ministry?

Have You Heard?

Seeing What Is The Mystery (Seminar)

What is the mystery of Christ?

You Are An Evangelist

2019 Ambassadors Seminar

Grace Believer, Stop Adding to the Gospel

2018 Ambassadors Seminar

What is the meaning of life?

Adorn the Doctrine

Special Days

Five Hundred Year Old Advice

Look Where You Are Going

Grace Purposes in the Heart

Avoid the Gaps

2017 Year in Review

Evangelism During Christmas

What Makes Us Not Normal

Preach Hope in Christ

The Church God Intended

Give Thanks in Everything

Teach Men to Read

2017 Ambassadors Seminar Report

Leave it Alone – Reformation Seminar

Show Me the Verse

Start a Small Group Bible Study

Compare and Contrast

Pay Attention to Words that Indicate Time

Thank You For Your Comments

Evangelism Works

2017 Ambassadors Seminar – The Reformation

By You

Fundamentals Seminar on DVD and USB

Preach the Definition!

Question Every Religious Man About His Sin

Get Your Exercise

Draw It Out

Define Vague Terms

Praying in Vain

One Bible

Mark Your Calendars

Learn to Speak Your Own Mind

Bernie Sanders and Paul

When You’re Alone

Graduation Advice in Ecclesiastes

Test Your Bible Literacy

Use the Right Tools

Stop Cherry Picking

Jesus Knows All Things

Learning the World’s Wisdom

Door to Door, Face to Face

A Heart’s Desire

Let’s Be Clear

Avoid Religious Fasting

Manliness is Not Godliness

Become Familiar with Your Bible

Clean Up Your Language

Resolving Apathy

The Holy Bible

Prophecy Unfulfilled

A Bible Teacher’s Oath

Beware Tithing Verse Twisters

Your Relationship With God

Jesus Never Wrong

Find Meaning in Interchangeable Words

Verse by Verse Meetings

2016 Year in Review

2016 Seminar Report: Success

2016 Seminar Today!

Christian Fundamentals Seminar

Unorganized Religion

2016 Ambassadors Seminar Details

No Excuses

‘I Was Wrong’ Evangelism

Keep This in Memory

Thank You For Your Comments

Be Sanctified

4 Places You Can Minister

Speak the Truth in Love

Quench Not the Spirit

Do It Now!

Thirteen Epistles Alone

The Next Step for the Grace Movement

Crossdressing for Easter

Let the Spirit Move You

Major Doctrines Affected

Making Personal Application

Do You Really Know God?

Know the Heresies

Give More Than Love

Ministry to the Rich

A Stopping Point in Acts

Amen, and Amen.

Start With the Most Important

Keep Your Doctrine Sound

100 Years of Right Division

Jesus and Paul

Make Verse Lists

2015 Seminar Today!

How to Stay Updated with Grace Ambassadors

The Churches of Family and Friends

Perfect Preservation of the Bible

What Men Fail to See

The Greatest Division in the Bible

End of the World Series

Ambassadors Seminar 2015!

Use the Gospel to Explain Right Division

Follow Paul

Let God Be the Expert

People Who Cannot Read

The Good Samaritan Gospel

Read the Bible, Not the Blogs

Ask Right Questions

Changing Your Mind

The End of the Beginning

Printed Tracts Now Available!

Selfishness and Grace

You’re Doing It Wrong

The Middle Book, Chapter, Verse in the Bible

How to Evangelize Christians

Ask Your Questions

Christ is (not yet) King

Grace Revealed

Philippians: The Mind of Christ

Making Men Believe

Christ the Object of Faith

Space, Sagan, and Solomon

Bible Maps

Finding New Things

Faithfulness is Success

Truth in Advertising

Evangelizing PostModerns

Let the Bible Interpret Itself

Encouraging Feedback

The Benefits of Testimonies

God Humbled Himself

Introducing a New Book!

Having Church Communion

The Need for Correction

Meetings Cancelled… except in Alabama

Persuade God Not Men

The Key to Contradictions

Is Christianity Like Telephone?

Pick Your Battles

The Fundamental Future of Mid-Acts

The Generations of Genesis

The Books You Read

Earn Paychecks Doing What You Love

Must Sell Everything

Church Boundaries Series

The Cure for Religion

Religion and Grace are Different

Bait and Switch

Singing Right Words

Pronouncing Names

Avoid Conversation Wars

Ambassadors Seminar 2014

Recognize God’s Voice

Don’t Be a Wolf For Jesus

Crucified Relationship Advice

Lessons From History

3 Steps to Walking Worthy

Correct by Showing a Better Way

Make Your Own List of Kings

Dealing With Boredom

College Ministry

Be a Giver, Not a Taker

Christianity Starts With Resurrection

God and Suffering

Make Your Own Table of Contents

Know Where You Lack

2014 Fair Report

Preach to People with Pastors

Studies in Genesis 1-11

The History of Ancient Civilizations in Genesis

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

66 Book Studies

Stop Pretending to Be a Sinner

Wake Up to Right Division!

Appreciate Genealogies

Learn to Use a Concordance

More Profitable than College

The Most Important Baptism

Near Death Experiences and Movies

Mindless Bible Reading

The Easter Sunday Boost

New Sermon Series Page

“I Don’t Know”

Memorizing Scripture

Bible vs. Science

Genesis as True History

Hold Deacons to the Mystery

Admit Your Mistakes

The Bible is its Own Best Dictionary

Survey of Romans

Matt-John Contain Fulfilled Prophecy

Choosing a Church

Preservation: The Bible Issue

Job Cried for What We Have

The Spirit of Fear and the Weather

Number Your Days

The Blindness of the Unbeliever

The Joy of Meeting Together

2013 Seminar Next Week

Preach Like You Care

New Spanish Chart

Be the Missionary

Ambassadors Seminar 2013

Cracking the Bible and Finding Meat

What Jesus Did, What Would Paul Do

Learning How to Chew

Wear Your Faith on Your Sleeve

Life Long Learning with the Church

Pleasure Seeking

All Things are God’s

It Takes Work

Starting from Scratch with Dispensations

Testimony: A Life Changed

Interpret the Hard by the Easy Verses

Three Ways to Gain Wisdom

Having an Open Mind

Problems with Authority

2013 Howard County Fair

Ministry Update – 7/13/13

Wanted: Workmen

Large Crowds

Practice Using Your Tools

The Gift of Teaching

The Need for Charts

Sample Prayers Before Meals

Christ is God

Know the Audience

Studying Prophecy

Warnings About Hell

Single Verse Doctrines

Retranslating to Teach New Doctrine

Set Goals

Paul’s Romans Perspective

Be A Bible Sharpshooter

God’s Words Translated

Communion Tip

Gospel Harmonies

Site Updates

Know Sin is Present

Adorn the Doctrine

Stop Searching for God’s Will

Beware Superstitious Numerology

Kill Sin With Grace

Start with the Gospel

Use Proper Judgment

Praise is not Personal

Don’t Follow Personalities

Glory in the Cross, Not the Creche

Don’t Park in the Mud

Use Bible Language

2012 Ambassadors Seminar

Avoid Prooftexting

Studying Prophecy

Leave Contradictions Alone

Start Over

Be Like-Minded With Bible Believers

Study English Grammar

Explain Yourself

Rightly Dividing Paul’s Epistles

Children Class at Grace Ambassadors

Dealing With Bible Babies

Pray or Die

Growing With Other Members

Timing Phrases

1 Corinthians Series

Spit Out the Bones

We All Need Daily Bible Reading

Handing out Tracts

Introducing Tracts!

Clear Communication

Expensive Libraries and Software

Discovering the Deep Things

Evangelizing with Charity

Unsaved Church People

Capitalization in the Bible

Tongue Talking Skills

Holy Spirit Teaches

J.N. Darby was Pauline

Update update – 4/28/12

Contextual Differences

Convinced People

Acts 12:4 and Easter

Creating Cross References

Tips for Successful Emailing

Good Works Under Grace

Teach the Children

Before You Study the Bible

Your Prosperity Preaching Neighbour

Special Days

Paul’s Curriculum

Spouse Ministry

Real Praise and Worship

Defining Hard Phrases

Some Things You Can Do

Rebuke in Corinthians

Be Content

Doctrinal Disunity

Closed for Christ-Mass

New Seminar Page

Israel and the Church

Seminar 2011

Talk Plainly, but Gently

A Bible that Does Not Change

Believe the Bible Even When its Hard

Every Member Has a Part

Seminar 2011: Israel and the Church

Begin with Romans

Study Large Passages

Chapters and Verses

Beware of Ignorance

Telling Others the Gospel

An Email Update Update

The Spirit of Fear

Beware of Trivia Bible Study

Let God be True

Interpret Using the Easy Verses

Recreate the Wheel

James Study

When Grace Abounds

A Workout for Your Mind

Finding the Minor Prophets

Learn by Summarizing

Freedom Starts in the Church

Use It or Lose It

The History of Words

Listen First

Buy Old Editions of New Books

Only One Book to Read


Faithful Stewards

Emotional Storms

Old But Good Resources

Trust the Bible Over Religious Calendars

Doctrinal Study is Specific

New Search Feature

Marginal Notes

Subscription Update

Ministry Through Tragedy

Live Streaming

Denominational History

God’s Plan For You

Prayer Works!

Start a Blog

Why Are You a Christian?

Faster Shortcuts on the Site

Delighting in the Mystery of Christ

New Ways to Learn

Defining Success

Holy Days of Obligation

Nativity Myths

Stabilized in Christ

Find Grace in Paul

Seminar Reminders

Complete in Christ

Understand More than the Ancients

Most Important Doctrine

Taking Requests

2010 Seminar

Read the Instructions

Exercise Your Inner Man

Know Your History

An Update Update

An Atheist’s Guilt

Work on Holidays

Dispensational Chart Lessons

Free Online Books

Melody in Your Heart

Grace Archives

April_10 Reader Comments

Don’t Be an Enemy

Test Your Traditions

Read About Godly People

Praise God

Teach as to Children

Free Bible Software

God is Faithful

Christian Competition

The Basics

Make Your Own Calendar

Why Bible Reading Calendars Fail

Use Questions to Teach

You’re Late to the Seminar

Rhymes as Learning Aids

Why Have a Seminar

Printable Bible

Use a Dictionary

Mid-Acts Changed My Life

Ask, Why

It Only Takes a Minute

Topical Bible Study

Commentaries are Biased

3 Steps for Bible Study

Write Your Own Commentary

Ask Questions

How To Show Someone They’re Wrong

Email Evangelism

Free MP3 Bibles

Know God’s Thoughts

Know Your Motivation

Stop Correcting the Bible

Don’t Argue From Opinion

Know the Problem

Choose One of 66

Equipping Soldiers

Start With Romans

Witness a Healing