2023 Ambassadors Seminar

Seminar 2023

This seminar is over. Sessions can be found below.

Theme: Ministry of the Church

When: Saturday, October 14 / Sunday, October 15, 2023


What is the church?
What is the ministry of the church?
How is that ministry done, and by whom?
What are the results?

There are thousands of church ministries in our country. Every church does ministry. So much time and effort is spent in the name of the Lord, but is it the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Why is it that often church ministry looks like the culture, and churches minister more confusion than light?

What is the ministry of the church? How do we do it? What are the fruits, and why are they lacking in so many churches?

Failing to understand the Bible rightly divided leads to ministry failure. Not letting the mind of Christ be in you leads to ministry absence.

This year’s seminar will explore the Biblical teaching of the ministry of the church, how to do it, and how to reap its benefits.

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Saturday, October 14

Session Topic Speaker
Session 1 Ministry Breakdown Justin Johnson
Session 2 Ministry and Church Jeremey Johnson
Session 3 Ministry Understanding Aaron Hutchinson
Session 4 Ministry Growth Justin Johnson
Session 5 Ministry Exhortation Jeremey Johnson

Sunday, October 15

Session Topic Speaker
Session 6 Ministry Unity Justin Johnson
Session 7 Ministry Integrity Jeremey Johnson
Session 8 Ministry Fruit Justin Johnson

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