2022 Ambassadors Seminar

Seminar 2022

This seminar is over. The recordings are available below.

Theme: The Will of God Made Clear

When: Saturday, October 15 / Sunday, October 16, 2022

What: The seminar theme was The Will of God Made Clear.


Ignorance concerning the will of God abounds. You might expect young Christians to have questions about it, but it has turned into a staple of the modern Christian experience to be on a constant search to discover “God’s will for my life”.

God has already made it known, but like many subjects gets obstructed by a failure to rightly divide the word of truth.

This year’s seminar will make the will of God concerning you abundantly clear. Once you know the will of God, you can understand your part in making it happen, and make choices accordingly. It also allows you to discern what is not God’s will, and rejoice when you see His will being done.

Saturday, October 16

Session Topic Speaker
Session 1 Seeking the will of God… needs to stop Jeremey Johnson
Session 2 The mystery of his will…does not require you Justin Johnson
Session 3 God’s perfect plan for your life… starts with ending yours Dustin Fulkerson
Session 4 What God is doing today… is not what he has always done Justin Johnson
Session 5 How God works in your life… is not by experience Jeremey Johnson

Sunday, October 17

Session Topic Speaker
Session 6 God has called you… but you hung up Dustin Fulkerson
Session 7 God has a reason… and you should know why Jeremey Johnson
Session 8 Good and Faithful Servant Justin Johnson

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