We hold the truths that conquer death and give eternal life! This section will equip you to earnest action and fervor for God and his message of grace. God has called us as his ambassadors to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery that is able to deliver from eternal punishment.

Let’s preach the word to the glory of God!

Romans 8:5-9

Recalculating the Tithe

Revisiting the Confessional

Romans 7:25-8:1

Romans 7:13-20

What the Gospel is Not

Romans 7:7-13

Romans 7:1-6

Romans 6:12-14

Romans 6:8-11

Glory In The Cross

Romans 6:5-7

Romans 6:1-4

Grace Living Made Simple

Romans 5:15-21

Romans 5:12-14

The State of Israel

Romans 5:9-11

Romans 5:5-8

Seminar 2023: 08 – Ministry Fruit

Seminar 2023: 07 – Ministry Integrity

Seminar 2023: 06 – Ministry Unity

Seminar 2023: 02 – Ministry and Church

Seminar 2023: 01 – Ministry Breakdown

Romans 5:3-5

No Hope In Hell

2023 Fair Ministry and Inviting People to Church

Romans 5:1-2

How Long is Hell

Romans 4:18-25

Does Anyone Go To Hell

Rom 4:13-17

Holy Hell

Romans 4:9-12

God’s Love and Hell

Romans 4:3-8

How Christ Brought Grace To All

Romans 4:1-3

Romans 3:29-31

How Christ Gave a Ransom for All

Romans 3:27-28

How Christ Died for All

Terms of Salvation

Reconciling All Things

Romans 3:25-26

Paul and Universalism

Know Why You Are Christian

Romans 3:21-24

Grace As A Gift

Romans 3:19-21

Without Faith

Romans 3:9-20

What About Hell

Romans 3:5-9

What Sinners Deserve

Romans 3:4

The Problem Of Universalism

The Christian Delusion

Romans 2:25-29

Romans 2:16-25

Romans 2:11-16

Romans 2:7-11

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 2

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 1

Things of the Spirit

Romans 2:5-11

Romans 2:1-6

What Is The Fellowship Of The Mystery

Romans 1:28-32

Romans 1:25-28

Wrong Gospels

Romans 1:21-25

Romans 1:16-20

Romans 1:16

Romans 1:8-15

Romans 1:3-6

2 Timothy 4:16-22

2 Timothy 4:8

How Grace and Truth Came

2 Timothy 4:7-8

Pressing On in 2023

2 Timothy 4:6-7

2 Timothy 4:4-5

Philemon: For Love’s Sake

2 Timothy 4:3-5

What Did Jesus Do

2 Timothy 4:2

2 Timothy 4:1

The Christian Struggle

2 Timothy 4:1

September Survey Evangelism

Grace, Grace, Everywhere

2 Timothy 3:11-13

Discipleship Confusion

Unclear Gospel Verses

2 Timothy 3:6-9

Science Falsely So Called

2 Timothy 3:5

Mental Illness and the Mind of Christ

2 Timothy 3:2-4

2 Timothy 3:1

Snare Of The Devil

2 Timothy 2:24-26

Evangelism Through the Bible

2 Timothy 2:20-21

2 Timothy 2:18

Communion: There is One

2 Timothy 2:9

2 Timothy 2:7-8

2 Timothy 2:3-6

Hope, Rightly Divided

2 Timothy 2:1-2

2 Timothy 1:15-18

The Knowledge of God

2 Timothy 1:12-14

2 Timothy 1:11-12

2 Timothy 1:11

The Born Again Nation

2 Timothy 1:10

Covenant Forgiveness

2 Timothy 1:10

2 Timothy 1:9 Pt 2

2 Timothy 1:9

2 Timothy 1:8

Bible Rules Nobody Follows

2 Timothy 1:7-8

How to Believe in Jesus and Go To Hell

Adam’s Transgression

The Law of Moses

Abraham’s Seed

I Believe in Baptism

You Are a Church Member

Child Evangelism at the Fair

The Kingdom That Never Came

The Unknown Great Commission

What Kind of Christian Are You

Reward and Loss

To Judge or Not To Judge

You and the Law

How to Preach Without a Pulpit

Complete in Christ

Grace Works Reward

Faith and Works

The Unfinished Work

What is Required for Salvation

Declaring the Gospel

Chart Lesson: Romans Chart

The Pauline Foundation

Jesus Our Lord, God, and Saviour

Pressing On in 2021

Confusing Christmas With Christianity

What it Means to Rightly Divide, Pt. 2

Young and Necessary

Young and Zealous

Choosing a Life of Ministry

Saved and Serving

2020 Fair Report (Pandemic Edition)

Christian Thinking About the News

When Christians Die

Grace Is Not That Easy

Christians and COVID-19

How Evangelism Works

Race, Grace, and Injustice

Liberty, License, Lockdowns, and Grace

Is This God’s Judgment?

Living Through Distress

The Coronavirus Fear and Christian Courage

Talk to People About Right Division

Having Hope

The Faith of Jesus Christ

The Sufficient Grace of Jesus Christ

The Last Words of Jesus Christ

What About Those That Never Hear?

2 Corinthians 7:4-12


2019 Summer Evangelism Report

13 Reasons to Re-Think Your Ministry Beginning and Pattern

Seminar 2018:05 – How Salvation Works

Seminar 2018:02 – Why Salvation is Needed

How to Talk to Your Friends With Boldness

Knowledge With Zeal

How to Talk to Friends About Tragedy, Suffering, and Pain

How to Talk to Your Friends Without Being Destructive

How to Talk to Your Friends Without Being Angry

How to Talk to Your Friends Without Sounding Awkward

How to Talk to Your Friends About Grace

How to Talk to Your Friends When They Fail to Rightly Divide

How to Talk to Your Friends

How Does Grace Help Me?

Full Assurance of Salvation

Eternal Security

Acts 2:38 is Not the Preaching of the Cross

The Grace Response to Sin

When Believing in Jesus Can’t Save You

Ephesians 5:1-8

Evangelism During Christmas

Preach Hope in Christ

The Sure Mercies of David

Evangelism Works

Three Troubling Pauline Passages

Question Every Religious Man About His Sin

2017 Summer Evangelism Report

When the Altar Calls, Hang Up.

Defence and Confirmation

We’re All Going to Die. So, What’s the Good News?

The Unforgivable Sin

Atonement Now

We Have Christ’s Atonement Now

Resurrections And Judgments

Door to Door, Face to Face

A Heart’s Desire

Law And Grace

What About John 3:16

Loving God to Death

What it Means to be Saved

What Grace Means

5 Things Christ’s Resurrection Accomplished

Seminar 2016: 07 – The Judgment of Christ

Seminar 2016: 06 – The Power of Christ: Resurrection

Seminar 2016: 05 – The Work of Christ: Salvation

Removing Religious Chains

Made in God’s Image

11 Reasons You Need Jesus Christ

2016 Fair Report

Please Join Our Cult

Are You Hyper-Grace?

Grace and Legalism

No Excuses

‘I Was Wrong’ Evangelism

Graduating with Grace

The Lord’s Prayer Teaches Conditional Forgiveness

Losing Salvation in Hebrews

4 Places You Can Minister

Speak the Truth in Love

Ministry to the Rich

Seminar 2015: 06 – Start Evangelizing

Seminar 2015: 01 – Start with the Right Heart

The End of the Law

What is the Gift of God

Use the Gospel to Explain Right Division

The Good Samaritan Gospel

Am I Still Saved if I Later Reject the Gospel?

Printed Tracts Now Available!

Tracts Work

Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Lordship Salvation

Becoming Apt to Teach

How God Accepts Us

How to Evangelize Christians

Why Should God Accept You?

Grace Goes to the Fair

Does Romans 8 Teach Conditional Salvation?

10am Q & A Session (July 5, 2015)

11 Reasons You Need Jesus Christ

How Do I Know I Am Saved?

Christ Our Righteousness

Evangelizing PostModerns

Why God Kills People

Pick Your Battles

Man Always Saved by God’s Grace

The Cure for Religion

Religion and Grace are Different

Bait and Switch

Jesus Ate With Sinners

Avoid Conversation Wars

The Devil Made Me Do It

When the Lord Appears in Glory

Genesis 15:1-6

To God Be The Glory

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

College Ministry

The Day of Christ Not at Hand

Rejoicing In Resurrection

Be a Giver, Not a Taker

Paul is Proof of Christ’s Resurrection

Christianity Starts With Resurrection

What Moses and the Prophets Said Should Come…

Sin vs. Evil

Salvation Explained

2014 Fair Report

Preach to People with Pastors

Grace Throughout the Bible

Stop Pretending to Be a Sinner

The Mystery of Salvation

Genesis 3:15-24

What Easter Pageants Fail to Mention

Is Everyone Forgiven?

We Need More Sin

Charities, Missionaries, and Ministry

Be the Missionary

Universalism and Not Imputing Sins

Do You Believe in Resurrection?

Starting with Sin

2013 Howard County Fair

Guilt-Free Preaching

Salvation is Not a Club

True Evangelism

Wanted: Workmen

A Gospel Without the Cross

The Reality of Hell

Coming Out of the Closet

Faith in What?

So We Preach…

The Gospel Missing in John

Know Sin is Present

Romans 7:14-25 – The Battle With Sin in You

A Personal Relationship With Jesus

Sin and Your Identity in Christ

Kill Sin With Grace

Romans 3:9-21 – All Guilty Before God

Romans 1:21-28 – The Decline of Man

Wrong Testimonies

Why Would Anyone Want to Be Saved?

Keeping Your Salvation

Handing out Tracts

Introducing Tracts!

Sin is Not God’s Problem – It’s Yours

Christ Died for All

Clear Communication

1 Corinthians 15:45-57 – A Resurrection Mystery

1 Corinthians 15:35-44 – Resurrection Bodies

Evangelizing with Charity

1 Corinthians 15:19-28 – Order of Resurrection

Ignorant Abraham and His Righteousness

Unsaved Church People

1 Corinthians 15:5-19 – Resurrection Proofs

Grace Teaches Us to Live Godly

Biblical Repentance

What Does it Mean to Repent?

Resurrection and the Mystery

“A Christian Wouldn’t Do That”

When Loved Ones Die

Where to Begin…

Sin is Your Problem

Confessions of a Non-Catholic

“Repent and Do Works”

Talk Plainly, but Gently

Sinners and Saints

How to Deal With Sin

Telling Others the Gospel

The Preaching of the Cross


Sanctification part II



When Grace Abounds


Redemption Chart

Redemption part II



Somebody Touched Me (and it Wasn’t God)

Atonement and Propitiation

Listen First

Specifics of Salvation

Specifics of Salvation

The Message and the Mystery of Salvation

Subscription Update

Asking for Forgiveness

Mid-Acts Dispensational Right Division is a Gospel Issue

By Faith and Through Faith

The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Year

Can an Adulterer Go to Heaven?

Confession and Salvation

Works Never Saved Anyone

Talking to Family or Friends

How to Convince Gainsayers

Why do Christians Hide the Gospel?

Fundamental: Physical Resurrection of Christ

Willful Sin and Judgment of Hebrews 10:26

The Glorious Good News about Life

Required Words for Salvation

Why Jesus Needed to Resurrect

What the Lord Requires

The Most Common Response to Grace

The Baptism Gospel

Without Hope

Is Faith Without Works Dead?

Now That I Am Saved By Grace, May I Sin?

Did I Commit The Unforgivable Sin?

Can We Lose Our Salvation By Grace?

Does God Punish Sin After I’ve Been Saved By Grace?

What Is Sin?

Are There Many Ways To Salvation?

How To Be Saved From Death To Life

Am I Good Enough To Get To Heaven

How Long Is Eternal Life?

How To Show Someone They’re Wrong

5 Necessary Words for Eternal life

Email Evangelism

Calvin’s Election Doesn’t Work

Christ Hath Made Us Free

Dispensational Evangelism

How A Soul Is Saved

Vanity of the Law

When Can Works Justify

God’s Provision and Hell

The Debt That Will Kill You

Why Do Bad Things Happen

Ten Commandments Are Too Much

Complete In Christ

For Christ’s Sake

The Bible Is Not Relevant

Praying for Forgiveness

Israel’s Future Salvation

Approved By the Word of Truth

Did Jesus Preach the Cross for Salvation?

Did Paul Preach A Different Gospel?

There Is More Than One Gospel

The Many Gospels of the Bible

What Is Repentance?

Did Gentiles In the Old Testament Get Salvation?