Update: Pentecostal Series

By Justin Johnson

Pentecostalism is one of the fastest growing segments of Christianity.  Yet the doctrines behind these emotion-filled passionate pursuits are dangerously wrong.

Learn how the Bible rightly divided provides the best answer to creeping charismaticism from the complete Pentecostalism series provided for free in our audio section.

  1. Dangers of Pentecostalism
  2. Miracles and Healing
  3. Speaking in Tongues
  4. Experiencing God

New Resource!

Also added from the Pentecostal series is a new resource that lists five words that are better than speaking in tongues according to 1 Cor 14:19.   You think speaking in tongues is impressive, try these five words to wow your friends!

Five Words Better than Tongue Talking

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Published: May 22, 2009
Last Modified: June 11, 2016
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