Christ in You vs. You in Christ

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

A Day in God’s House

Ephesians 2:13-19

Should We Bless Israel

Was Paul A Missionary?

Christ Untold

Christ After the Flesh

Since the World Began

Christ Sent You a Special Apostle. Why Won’t You Listen?

No One Was Looking Forward to the Cross

The Pauline Revolution

Thirteen Epistles Alone

A Must-Use Verse to Teach Right Division

Isaiah 53:8-12

Differences Between the Old Covenant, New Covenant, and the Fellowship of the Mystery

Was the mystery revealed exclusively to Paul?

A Response to Ryrie’s Challenge

Paul’s Stewardship of the Mysteries

Paul’s “My Gospel”

What Men Fail to See

Unsearchable Riches

Follow Paul

Pentecost Not the Beginning of the Mystery Church

The Coming Rapture

Without Israel, Without Covenants, Without the Law

Does Paul Teach the New Testament?

The Witness of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

To Make Men See The Mystery

To God Be The Glory

What Moses and the Prophets Said Should Come…

Black Swans and the Mystery

Stop Waiting on the Lord

The Mystery Hid In God

Was the Mystery Hidden in Prophecy?

Rejecting Paul is Rejecting Christ

Differences Between Acts 2, Acts 28, and Mid-Acts

The Mystery of Salvation

Paul as a Mother

Why God Created All Things

A Mystery in the Bible

Romans 15:16-20

Making the Blind See with the Mystery

Joint-Heirs with Christ

Why Paul Quotes Prophecy

Paul as a Father

No More Strangers and Foreigners

What is the Mystery of Christ

What is the Mystery of Christ

What the Lord Has Done

Apostles and Prophets of the Church

The Headship Verse

The Gospel According to Paul

A Division Ignored in the Covenant-Dispensational Debate

Resurrection and the Mystery

Peter Taught Gentiles. Yawn.

Following Paul

Paul’s Curriculum

The 2000 Year Gap

“Repent and Do Works”

We Do Not Worship the Messenger

Things More Excellent

Stewards of the Mysteries

Seminar 2010: 06 – Consequences of the Mystery

Seminar 2010: 04 – The Mystery Defined

Seminar 2010: 01- Prophecy vs. Mystery

Your Circumcision is Not of the Heart

The Treasures of Knowledge

Works Never Saved Anyone

A Greater Commission

Paul and Prophecy

Did Paul Water Baptize?

Jesus Sent Paul

Without Paul

Paul, an Apostle

Controversial Doctrines Resolved by the Pauline Pattern

Presenting Paul as a Pattern

Jesus According to the Revelation of the Mystery

Paul Last of All

Mistaken Views of the Mystery

Verse List: Paul’s Special Apostleship

Secret Since the World Began

Paul’s Certified Ministry

Did Paul Preach A Different Gospel?

Was Paul’s Message Unique?

Was Paul A Replacement for Judas?

Was Paul More Than A Great Missionary?

Was Paul Arrogant?

What Is A Dispensation?

The Mystery of His Will

Does Mid-Acts Right Division Worship Paul?

What Is the Mystery Revealed to Paul?

The Mystery Revealed