Mid-Acts Right Division

Studying the Bible as it was written to whom it was written helps to eliminate doctrinal confusion. Here is where you will learn about Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery and mid-Acts Pauline dispensational right division.

Top 12 Excuses for not Believing the Gospel

Responding to Church History

Knowing Why Paul at All

Hosea – Introduction

Forbidden Words Under Grace – Part 2

Forbidden Words Under Grace – Part 1

Praying God’s Will

Teach Me To Pray

Recalculating the Tithe

Revisiting the Confessional

Revisiting The Priest

God Said It

The Form of Doctrine

Jesus Is Dispensational

Early Dispensationalists and Mid-Acts

How to Understand the Bible

How to Read the Bible Dispensationally

The State of Israel

Seminar 2023: 03 – Ministry Understanding

Seminar 2023: 01 – Ministry Breakdown

How Christ Brought Grace To All

Romans 4:1-3

Chart: The Importance of Church Beginnings

Paul and Universalism

Chart Lesson: Starting From Scratch

What Peter Learned

What Is The Fellowship Of The Mystery

Rightly Dividing the Old and New Testaments

Wrong Gospels

Chart: Mystery of His Will

Romans 1:7

Romans 1:1-5

The Biggest Objections to M.A.D.

Chart: What God Says To Eat

Separate Israel and the Church… Consistently

Blessed Assurance

Grace, Grace, Everywhere

The Bible Was Not Written To You

2 Timothy 3:1

Evangelism Through the Bible

Chart: We’re Not Making This Stuff Up

2 Timothy 2:18

2 Timothy 2:15-16

2 Timothy 2:14-15

Chart: Consider What I Say

Let the Straw Man Burn!

Hope, Rightly Divided

The Remnant and Paul

What is Jesus Doing

Remnant Ministry

2 Timothy 1:10

New Testament Israel

The Remnant Prophecies

Chart: Important Bible Distinctions

Bible Rules Nobody Follows

The Seed Of David

Why Right Division Matters

Why I Am Not a Baptist

Chart: Where is the Lord

Another Jesus

Where to Find the Mystery

Chart: Finding Your Instructions

Bible Not To You

Explaining the Book of Acts

Faith and Works

Declaring the Gospel

Chart Lesson: Romans Chart

The Pauline Foundation

Know What Mid-Acts Means

Identifying Heresy

Finding the Right Denomination

Every Wind of Doctrine

Problem Passages for Paul’s Pattern

What it Means to Rightly Divide, Pt. 2

What it Means to Rightly Divide

Chart Lesson: Jews, Gentiles, and You

Respect the Differences

The Gospel and the Kingdom

Future Israel Is Spiritual Israel

The Good, the Better, and Much More

Chart Lesson: The Big Questions in Life

Seminar 2018:06 – Where Is the Gospel Offered

One Sheep One Fold

Chart Lesson: Three Things

When the Bible is Wrong

A Mid-Acts Message

How to Talk to Your Friends When They Fail to Rightly Divide

Most Common Reactions to M.A.D.

James & Jude Weren’t Talking to You

John Wasn’t Talking to You

Peter Wasn’t Talking to You

Pay Attention to Words that Indicate Time

Three Troubling Pauline Passages

Mid-Acts Dispensational Straw Men

Basic Dispensational Lessons

3 Bad Arguments Against Dispensationalism

Basic Dispensational Lessons

Church Before Paul

Chart Lesson: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Seminar 2016: 08 – The Body of Christ: the Church

No One Knew Until…

Since the World Began

Gospel of the Kingdom vs. Gospel of the Grace of God

Popular Historian Defends Mid-Acts Position?

Taking Application

Are You a Lost Sheep?

No One Was Looking Forward to the Cross

What is Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensational Right Division

The Devil Has a Bible

9 Reasons to Rightly Divide

Proverbs Under Law

Limited or Unlimited Ransom

The Cross as Bad News

The Spirit Baptism Problem in Acts 8:14-17

Was the mystery revealed exclusively to Paul?

Are you a Hyper-dispensationalist?

Jesus and Paul

Seminar 2015: 03 – Start Rightly Dividing

The Greatest Division in the Bible

Use the Gospel to Explain Right Division

What’s the Point of Mid-Acts Right Division?

Grace Revealed

Popular Objections to Mid-Acts

What Happened to Peter’s Ministry

Objection: “James and Paul do not contradict”

Objection: “Peter taught the blood of Christ, too” (1 Peter 1:18)

Objection: “Peter did not preach works” (Acts 4:10-12)

Objection: “Paul preached the kingdom” – Pt 2 (Acts 28:31)

Objection: “Paul preached the kingdom” Pt 1

Objection: “The church and the kingdom are the same thing”

Objection: “People were in Christ before Paul”

Objection: “The Spirit was given first at Pentecost”

Objection: “Is Peter cursed by Paul in Galatians 1:8-9?”

Objection: “Peter is saved by grace, too”

Objection: “Peter taught Paul’s gospel to Cornelius”

Objection: “Peter went to Gentiles first”

Not Everything New

When This Dispensation Began

Paul Taught the Kingdom of God

What Is A Dispensation

The Key to Contradictions

Contradictions and Mistakes

Man Always Saved by God’s Grace

Objection: “The church existed before Paul”

Objection: “Paul Preached the Faith He Once Destroyed”

When the Dispensation of Grace Began

7 Reasons You Can’t Do Everything the Bible Says

Why Paul Told Timothy to Rightly Divide


To Make Men See The Mystery

Genesis 15:1-6

To God Be The Glory

By Calvary

A Look at History With and Without Israel

When Did the Church Begin?

Preaching Jesus

The Bible Fact of Different Gospels

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

Differences Between Acts 2, Acts 28, and Mid-Acts

The First to Preach the Gospel

Not Every Gentile is in the Church

A Gospel Without the Cross

Jesus Rightly Dividing Prophecy

Know the Audience

The Church Does Not Have Twelve Tribes

How We Choose Verses

Different Gospels in the Bible

So We Preach…

The Gospel Missing in John

A Dispensational New Year

Abraham, Father of Us All

A Rightly Divided Thanksgiving

It is Right to Divide What is Different

Rightly Dividing the Light

Rightly Dividing Paul’s Epistles

The Cross According to Prophecy and Mystery

Dual Purpose of the Cross

How to Find Gems in Your Bible Study

The Gospel According to Paul

A Division Ignored in the Covenant-Dispensational Debate

Was Christ’s Death Prophesied?

Ignorant Abraham and His Righteousness

Mid-Acts Doctrine Changes Everything

Israel and the Church

In Christ Before Paul

Celebrities and Mailmen

Choosing Your Part of the Bible

Necessary Divisions

Eating Dispensationally

We Do Not Worship the Messenger

Grace and Peace is not Law and Wrath

Some Necessary Divisions

Chrislam and the Failure to Rightly Divide

Peace or Division?

Keeping a Secret in Bible Study

The Biggest Mistake When Studying James

Mid-Acts Dispensational Right Division is a Gospel Issue

Did Cornelius Learn the Mystery?

The Mystery of Christ to Jews Also

The Separation of the Grace Gospel

Was Peter Cursed by Paul?

A Dispensational Reading Lesson

Peter’s Audience

The Number One Killer of Grace Ministries

Why Jesus Needed to Resurrect

Handling Gospel Transition

Did Paul Water Baptize?

Jesus Sent Paul

The Main Point of Mid Acts Doctrine

What Makes an Apostle?

All Scripture For Our Learning

How to Rightly Divide

Without Paul

Why Do You Call It Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensational Right Division?

What Happened in Mid-Acts?

Three Bible Churches

Dispensational Changes

List: BibleContradictions

Finding Scripture that Applies to Us

List: Differences Between Peter and Paul’s Message

Paul, an Apostle

Verse List: The Twelve Did Not Preach the Cross

Controversial Doctrines Resolved by the Pauline Pattern

Things Old and Things New

Paul Last of All

The Way We Teach Jesus

Standing Up To Peter

Verse List: Paul’s Special Apostleship

Sell Everything You Have!

Why You Think The Bible Is Hard To Understand

One Lord, One Faith, Three Baptisms!

“Lest I Run In Vain”

Too Afraid to Ask

Peter vs. Paul Series

The Twelve Did Not Preach the Cross

Irreconcilable Differences

Paul’s Certified Ministry

Right Divisions

Is Right Division Really That Important?

Does Hebrews 13:8 Contradict Mid-Acts Right Division?

Did the Church Begin in Acts 28?

Is All the Bible Written For Us?

Did Peter Preach Paul’s Gospel at Pentecost?

God’s Two-Fold Plan and Purpose

Did Paul Preach A Different Gospel?

Did the Church Begin at Pentecost?

Does Mid-Acts Right Division Worship Paul?