Mid Acts Dispensational Commentary


John Series: Dispensationally Considered (audio)

Like Matthew, Mark, and Luke, John can cause a lot of confusion if not considered in its dispensational context.
Rather than teaching the gospel first manifest to Paul, John focuses on the divine authority and deity of Jesus as a minister of the circumcision.

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Verse Name MP3 Outline
01. Introduction What to expect Download Outline
02. Introduction Themes in John Download Outline
03. John 1:1-14 The Word made flesh Download Outline
04. John 1:14-34 The testimony of John Download Outline
05. John 1:35-50 Manifesting the Son of God to Israel Download Outline
06. John 2:1-25 New wine and purification Download Outline
07. John 3:1-10 “Born Again” and the Spirit Download Outline
08. John 3:11-36 God Sent Download Outline
09. John 4:1-25 Samaritans and the True God Download Outline
10. John 4:30-54 Messiah and Reaping the Harvest Download Outline
11. John 5:1-23 The Healer and Lord of the Sabbath Download Outline
12. John 5:24-47 The Witness of Christ Download Outline
13. John 6:1-29 The Miracles of Christ Download Outline
14. John 6:30-71 The Bread of Life Download Outline
15. John 7:1-29 Christ and the Feast of Tabernacles Download Outline
16. John 7:30-53 Division Because of Christ [Missing] Outline
17. John 8:1-20 Judgment, Mercy, and the Adulteress Download Outline
18. John 8:21-38 Deliverance through Christ Download Outline
19. John 8:39-59 Father Abraham and I AM Download Outline
20. John 9:1-41 Blinded Israel and the Son of God Download Outline
21. John 10:1-21 The Shepherd and the Sheep Download Outline
22. John 10:22-42 I and My Father Are One Download Outline
23. John 11:1-57 The Resurrection of Lazarus Download Outline
24. John 12:1-19 The King’s Suffering and Glory Download Outline
25. John 12:20-50 “The Hour is Come” Download Outline
26. John 13:1-38 Jesus and Foot Washing [Missing] Outline
27. John 14:1-15 The Way, the Truth, and the Life Download Outline
28. John 14:16-31 Love, Comfort, and Peace Download Outline
29. John 15:1-17 The True Vine and the Branches Download Outline
30. John 15:18-16:4 Coming Persecution Download Outline
31. John 16:5-33 The Ministry of the Comforter Download Outline
32. John 17:1-11 The Lord’s Prayer for Glory Download Outline
33. John 17:10-26 The Lord’s Prayer for the Remnant Download Outline
34. John 18:1-31 The Betrayal Of Jesus Download Outline
35. John 18:31-19:22 Pilate’s Dilemma Download Outline
36. John 19:23-42 The Son of God Crucified Download Outline
37. John 20:1-18 Mary and the Stolen Lord Download Outline
38. John 20:19-23 The Authority to Remit Sins Download Outline
39. John 20:24-31 The Resurrection Sign Download Outline
40. John 21:1-25 Jesus’ Third Appearance Download Outline
This 40 week study was recorded from 01/2009 to 09/2009.

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