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James Series (audio)

The book of James is written to the remnant twelve tribes of Israel scattered by the persecution of Saul. It became a source of motivation for the broken remnant to be patient through the present temptations and to do the faith required works.

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File Verses MP3 Outline
01. James Introduction Download Outline
02. James 1:1-3 The Twelve Tribes Scattered Download Outline
03. James 1:3-4 The Patient Work of the Remnant Download Outline
04. James 1:5-8 Double Minded Israel Download Outline
05. James 1:9-12 Rich and Poor in the Kingdom Download Outline
06. James 1:12-17 Enticing the Little Flock Download Outline
07. James 1:17-21 Hear, Speak, and Do No Evil Download Outline
08. James 1:19-25 Doers of the Law Download Outline
09. James 1:26-2:7 Vain and Pure Religion Download Outline
10. James 2:8-13 Keeping the Law Download Outline
11. James 2:12-15 Can Faith Save? Download Outline
12. James 2:15-18 Faith Without Works Download Outline
13. James 2:19-24 Justified by Works Download Outline
14. James 2:24-3:2 Be Not Many Masters Download Outline
15. James 3:2-3:12 The Offense of the Tongue Download Outline
16. James 3:13-4:1 The Wisdom of the Kingdom Download Outline
17. James 4:1-6 Humble Yourselves Download Outline
18. James 4:5-10 The Terms of God’s Grace Download Outline
19. James 4:10-17 The Boasting of the Rich Download Outline
20. James 5:1-7 Woe to the Rich Download Outline
21. James 5:7-11 Patience to the End Download Outline
22. James 5:12-15 Priestly Anointing of the Sick Download Outline
23. James 5:16-20 Confession, Conversion, and Elijah Download Outline
This 23 week study was recorded from 03/2011 to 08/2011.

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