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Genesis Series (audio)

Genesis is the first book of the Bible, and describes the beginning of the world, man, sin, death, nations, languages, and God’s purpose for the earth through Israel. Also of importance are the generations, promises, and covenants God gave to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Judah, and the rest of the twelve tribes of Israel.

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Verses Description/ Video MP3 Outline
01. Genesis Introduction Download Outline
02. Genesis Criticism and Controversy Download Outline
03. Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning… Download Outline
04. Genesis 1:2-5 The First Day Download Outline
05. Genesis 1:6-19 The Days of Creation Download Outline
06. Genesis 1:20-31 The Origin of Life Download Outline
07. Genesis 2:1-14 The Seventh Day and the Garden Download Outline
08. Genesis 2:15-25 The First Man and Wife Download Outline
09. Genesis 3:1-6 The Serpent’s Lie Download Outline
10. Genesis 3:7-15 Fall from Innocence Download Outline
11. Genesis 3:15-24 Consequence of Sin Download Outline
12. Genesis 4:1-8 Cain and Abel Download Outline
13. Genesis 4:7-24 The Way of Cain Download Outline
14. Genesis 5:1-32 Adam to Noah Download Outline
15. Genesis 6:1-7 Before the Flood Download Outline
16. Genesis 6:8-22 Noah’s Ark Download Outline
17. Genesis 7 The Flood Download Outline
18. Genesis 8-9:17 Noah’s Covenant Download Outline
19. Genesis 9:18-29 Noah’s Sons and Racism Download Outline
20. Genesis 10 Table of Nations Download Outline
21. Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel and Tongues Download Outline
22. Genesis 12:1-4 The Promise to Abram Download Outline
23. Genesis 12-13 Abram and the Land Download Outline
24. Genesis 14 Melchizedek and Abram’s Blessing Download Outline
25. Genesis 15:1-6 Abram Counted Righteous Download Outline
26. Genesis 15-16 Abram’s Prophecy and Hagar Download Outline
27. Genesis 17:1-14 Covenant of Circumcision Download Outline
28. Genesis 17:15-18:15 Sarah and Isaac Download Outline
29. Genesis 18-19:26 Sodom and Gomorrah Download Outline
30. Genesis 19:15-20:18 Abimelech’s Dream Download Outline
31. Genesis 21 Cast Out the Bondwoman Download Outline
32. Genesis 22 Abraham’s Work Download Outline
33. Genesis 23 Buying the Land in Hebron Download Outline
34. Genesis 24 The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah Download Outline
35. Genesis 25-26 Isaac’s Covenant and Blessing Download Outline
36. Genesis 27-28:9 Jacob and Esau Download Outline
37. Genesis 28:10-22 Covenant with Jacob at Bethel Download Outline
38. Genesis 29-31 Jacob and Laban Download Outline
39. Genesis 32-34 Jacob and Esau Reconcile Download Outline
40. Genesis 35-36 Jacob Returns to Bethel Download Outline
41. Genesis 37 Introduction to Joseph Download Outline
42. Genesis 38 Judah’s Sins and Sons Download Outline
43. Genesis 39 From Prosperity to Prison Download Outline
44. Genesis 40-41 From Servant to Saviour Download Outline
45. Genesis 42-45 Jacob’s Trouble and the Trial of Twelve Download Outline
46. Genesis 45-47 Israel Goes to Egypt Download Outline
47. Genesis 48 Jacob Blesses Jospeh’s Sons Download Outline
48. Genesis 49 Jacob’s Last Days Prophecy Download Outline
49. Genesis 50 The Death, Burial, and Hope of Israel Download Outline

This 49 week study was recorded from 02/2014 to 08/2015.
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