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Ecclesiastes Series (audio)

This wisdom book of Solomon addresses the uncertain, vain, meaning, and temporal nature of life under the sun. By considering what man has to profit, Solomon concludes that what matters most in the end is the fear of God and to do his commandments.

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Verses Description/ Video MP3 Outline
01. Ecclesiastes Introduction Download Outline
02. Ecclesiastes 1 What Profit Hath a Man Download Outline
03. Ecclesiastes 2 Vanity of Your Heart’s Desire Download Outline
04. Ecclesiastes 3 Time and Season Download Outline
05. Ecclesiastes 4 People and Their Place Download Outline
06. Ecclesiastes 5 Dreams and Riches Download Outline
07. Ecclesiastes 6 Sickness and Calamity Download Outline
08. Ecclesiastes 7 Better Things Under the Sun Download Outline
09. Ecclesiastes 8 Living with Injustice Download Outline
10. Ecclesiastes 9 Living with Death Download Outline
11. Ecclesiastes 10 Living with Fools Download Outline
12. Ecclesiastes 11 Living with Uncertainty Download Outline
13. Ecclesiastes 12 The Whole Duty of Man Download Outline

This 13 week study was recorded from 03/2017 through 05/2017.
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