This page lists resources that define the church, the function of the church, and how to start a mid-Acts Pauline Bible believing assembly of saints.

Revisiting Church Worship

God is Not in a Building

Revisiting The Church Sanctuary

Seminar 2023: 08 – Ministry Fruit

Seminar 2023: 07 – Ministry Integrity

Seminar 2023: 06 – Ministry Unity

Seminar 2023: 02 – Ministry and Church

Chart: The Importance of Church Beginnings

Everything You’ve Always Wanted in a Church Near You!

The Christian Delusion

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 2

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 1

You Are a Church Member

The Church is Not the Remnant

Why Our Beginning Matters

Spiritual Gifts in the Beginning

Chart Lesson: What Happened at the Cross

The Church Before the Church: Who Were They?

Which Foundation and Apostle?

Which Church?

The Church God Intended

Church Before Paul

The Difference Between Teachers and Leaders in the Church

Seminar 2016: 08 – The Body of Christ: the Church

Unorganized Religion

Church Responsibility

Edifying the Body in Love

Most Controversial Doctrines in Church

Seminar 2015: 06 – Start Evangelizing

Seminar 2015: 05 – Start Grace Living

Are You the Weaker Brother?

Acts 6:1-7

Weak in the Faith

Acts 2:39-47

Thank God for Your Fellowship

Attracting Faithful Men

Chart: God’s Churches

Evangelize or Compromise

Lines of Separation

No Other Doctrine

The Functions of a Church

Church Boundaries

When Did the Church Begin?

The Difference Between a Bible Study and a Church

When Church Goes Wrong

Choosing a Church

Decently and in Order

Bishops, Deacons, and Elders… Oh, My!

Holding the Head

Marks of a Local Church

Why Have Church Meetings

The Joy of Meeting Together

The Church is Not a Building

What is a Pauline Church

Freedom Starts in the Church

3 Basic Doctrines to Look for in a Church

The Number One Killer of Grace Ministries

List: The Church’s Most Controversial Doctrines

Is Everybody Else Wrong?

Ecumenicism and Unity

What Pastors Should Tell You: Anointing

Three Bible Churches

Church In Prophecy

When the Church Began

Bible Fellowship – A Church Like No Other

Did the Church Begin at Pentecost?

Which Church Should I Attend?

Am I Required to Attend Church?

What Is the Church?

What Is the Purpose of the Church?